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11 November 2005 @ 04:27 pm
Tomato and veggies sauce (v)  
Mmmm I just made the best sauce EVER just because I remembered to buy vegetables for once. I think it will make a yummy pasta sauce, and it might even work as a pizza topping with cheese sprinkled over it. I would also use it to top of a chicken breast perhaps with rice on the side...?

1/2 a large onion
4 tomatoes
1 courgette
1 large green pepper
An ickle bit of garlic (i use the freeze dried stuff from a jar)
Mixed herbs (I also have it in a jar :P)
Salt and pepper to taste
A tube of tomato puree
Heinz tomato ketchup (or another brand if you prefer)
A tiny sprinkle of sugar (I used Splenda a sugar substitute)
low cal spray-oil

Firstly I chop the onion up, not too finely because I suck at chopping for a start and also i like chunky onion!
I use a wok but if you have a big frying pan it will do the same.
Squirt the spray oil in to cover the base of the pan and chuck some garlic and the onion in on a medium heat
Leave that doing it's stuff and stir it occasionally to stop it burning
Next chop the tomatoes. Same philosophy- I chop it chunky but if you like it finer that's up to you
Bung that in the pan too once the onions have started to brown (none of this is very accurate and it doesnt matter)
I turn up the heat a wee bit now too
Chop up the pepper while you wait for the tomatoes to reduce
Plop that in whenever you feel like it (Don't forget to keep stirring every now and then to stop it burning- yes it has to be said because I'm a spanner and i forget)
I think you're getting the gist of this now... now chop up the courgette however you like, I like seeing it in the pretty little rings personally!
Slap that it with everything else. Mmm starting to smell GOOD!
If it looks a bit dry chuck some water in
Turn the heat up to high and leave it to cook through and reduce a bit
Sprinkle the herbs in to taste
Squirt a buttload of tomato puree in. (This is a highly technical term for 'as much as you like' I used nearly a whole tube)
Smush it all about a bit to mush it in and add some ketchup (This is coz it can taste quite tart with the puree and the ketchup is a lot sweeter)
Put a sprinkle of sugar in if you think it needs it
Salt and pepper if you like
Leave it over the heat til you're happy (i like a bit of crunch in my veg so i don't leave it long but it's up to you)

See it's all very technical... :D

Cooking made easy for idiots like me :)

Oh and it's vegetarian too! Maybe even Vegan?
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