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28 September 2005 @ 07:21 pm
Hard pore quorn risotto  
This is one of my top recipes.

You're going to need (for 2 persons+)

1 bottle of frascati or similar cheap italian white wine
1 medium block of pecorino (or parmesan but pecorino is much better), grated
1/2 pack of quorn
1 almost full coffee cup of arborio rice
2 cloves garlic
1 good sized red onion
1 small bunch of asparagus
1 bunch fresh basil (essential!!!)
Olive oil
Coarse ground back pepper & sea salt to taste, pinch of herbes de provence.

chop up the garlic as small as you can, and chop up the onion into tiny little cubes. Fry in olive oil in a large (big as you can) frying pan witha pinch of salt & pepper, quite a high heat. Once the onions start going clear, add the quorn and let it brown lightly. Then add the arborio rice. Stir around pan for a minute or two just to fry the rice dry a bit. Add about 1/4 of the wine and sprinkle the herbes de provence on. Now you have to stir the rice regularly and keep adding the wine bit by bit as it gets soaked up. Now here's the essential bit- You have to drink at least a glass of it while it's cooking- its a good luck charm to make sure the risotto comes out perfect!
5 minutes after you added the rice you have to add the asparagus. After about 15 minutes the rice will start losing its crunch, becoming creamy and nutty. Try not to overcook it- you are aiming at an optimum slightly crunchy/getting creamy combination. Any more and it starts getting tooo mushy... If you run out of wine to add just add boiling water instead.
When you feel the time is right, add the grated cheese and about half of the basil. Stir vigourously so the cheese melts in and you have a wonderfully creamy unctuous risotto!!! Take off the heat, add the remaining basil and a good scrunch of pepper.

Serve and devour!

nb: it may not be extremely healthy because of the cheese and wine, but this is one of the most heavenly risottos ever. Variations include using chicken instead of Quorn, and baby corn instead of asparagus.
karl_in_neon on September 29th, 2005 08:17 am (UTC)
Cool- signed by 2 of the writers I hope!!!

I have some pink stuff for you.